Meditation Day 3: Enjoy This Time..

9:25 AM Posted by The Yoga Bella

So today before I did anything I "made" myself sit in meditation for 15 minutes. I told myself - "you wanted to get consistent, so get consistent." Last night I missed my meditation but I watched an Osho video about the meaning of life. (Yes, you heard my first of probably many excuses as to why I didn't meditate last night.) So eventhough I had plenty of things to do this morning, I decided that sitting in meditation should be my top priority and would probably help my day go smoother.

Sometimes I do a prayer before starting meditation like asking God to join me and show me what I need to see. Other times, I take my crystal friends with me on the meditative journey. Today I chose to bring along Selenite and Angeline, which are both powerful crystals to really help me tune in. (I didn't choose these two for any other reason than they spoke to me today.) Selenite is supposed to help "bring clarity of mind, access angelic consciousness." (pretty great huh) It is also supposed to "help reach other lives (not sure what that means), assist judgment and insight, as well as show inner workings."

The other mineral friend I used was Angelite. This beautiful blue crystal is also "useful for angelic contact" and it "transmutes pain and disorder into wholeness and healing." The cool thing about Angelite is that it is Celestite, which has been compressed over millions of years. Just for background, Celestite helps "contact spiritual and angelic realms, encourages spiritual development, enlightenment and pureness of heart." I love the fact that it "disperses worries and attracts good fortune." It also aids clairvoyant communication, dream recall and astral travel. In addition to all of these wonderful qualities, it "synthesizes instinct and intellect, aiding analysis of complex ideas, brings balance and alignment, balances mind, as well as eliminates toxins and brings cellular order." With Celestite you almost don't need another crystal.

If you aren't spooked out by the fact that I used crystals and have a belief that they might work and help bring about their said properties then keep reading.

So with these crystals (Selenite in my left hand and Angelite in my right) I meditated. And like usual, I think they may have assisted me with getting messages in my meditation that I need right now. Today I received the message that I should "enjoy this time" - referring to my meditation time.

I don't know if you are like me but I am often thinking about all the things that I have to do during meditation - like things I need to write or my never-ending to do list. Yet, when I go to yoga class I feel as though I've set aside this special yoga time just for me. Why don't I have the same spirit with my meditation? Isn't meditation the highest honoring of myself. So, this message came through crystal clear (pun intended) in my meditation today. I must cherish this special time that I am taking for myself twice a day (yes that's the goal) - just like I treasure my yoga time. I can't make it seem like something else to do.

I need to enjoy this time when I can just be....

The Yoga Bella

(Note: Crystal properties are from "The Illustrated Guide to Crystals" by Judy Hall.)


  1. MariaMedia said...

    Well I have to admit, I'm not a crystal user, but your blog got my interest. I'm in the same meditation boat as you...I'm always drifting off to my to do list or something I want to write about. Next time I am meditating I am going to repeat the mantra...enjoy this time. Thanks for the encouraging words about meditation and I'll be back to read more about your yoga journey.

  2. A Well Styled Life said...

    I remember Davidji saying, "congratulations you were distracted by a thought while meditating. That means you're alive! " it is hard to refocus back to the gap but my mantra helps.

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