Gen X & Y Losing Their Religion or Turning Inward?

11:08 AM Posted by The Yoga Bella

Just read a great article on Huffington Post by Yogini Tara Stiles of Strala Yoga. It is entitled "Generation X: Praying to No One." Loved it. It basically talked about Gen X'ers and Y'ers realizing that many churches and religious organization are more about money than God. She even talked about guru brainwashing and spiritual elitism found in the yoga world.

More importantly, she discussed the benefits of yoga and meditation.

A regular yoga practice will keep your body healthy your mind clear and your heart open. I cannot adequately describe your spiritual experience nor would it be of use to try. It is yours to enjoy, revel in, and be amazed. When your body, mind, and heart are healthy and open, your spirit has a green light to do its thing. Physical yoga is the best form of health care. It was designed to help us care for ourselves before we had doctors around to treat disease. The poses regulate your entire body and its systems so you can live healthy, feel good, and meditate with ease. Which is a matter of finding spirituality inside you, no outside religion or velvet-robed authorities required.

To read the full piece, click here.

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  1. michele said...

    yes, many of us have known this and lived this for a long time.
    no this awareness becoming more mainstream...
    life is an experience to be injoyed, celebrated, shared.
    it is easier to do this when one loves themselves, acceptance themselves and lives their true nature.

    thanx for great post & tweet on this




  2. Saddam said...

    Mediation yoga
    Yoga has been known worldwide for some years now and it has become very popular on the entire planet. Millions of people engage into it for various reasons everyday. But even though it has tremendous benefits and millions of people stand as proof to that, there are still some that do not really believe in its health benefits. But can those contradict the millions of people whom have already tried and benefited from it

  3. Anonymous said...

    Positive article. I started to feel this way once I left high school. Religion taught me nothing so I looked to new age/african spirituality to help me understand why my life was the way it was. I feel like my generation is becoming aware and those who are not are following traditions that their parents taught them. Its not easy....Ive been on a spiritual battle with the church itself(the fact that I still live with my mom) but now I just sit there and meditate until it's over. :)

  4. kirsten said...

    thanks for sharing. :)

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