SRF Gift

8:19 PM Posted by The Yoga Bella

So, I figured I would write about the steps I take on my spiritual journey... hopefully on a daily basis. Today, I haven't done that much to be honest. I received a "gift" in the mail - my latest installment of Paramahansa's self-study course. I'm currently studying (or attempting to) the Self Realization Fellowship lessons. These are the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda. Although I am just at the beginning of my studies, I am realizing how vast his teachings are spiritually. I haven't formally accepted Paramahansa as my guru but...I might be getting there. His teachings seem to answer a lot of my spiritual questions and they are inclusive of all the major world religions. He is not saying one religion is above another. I love that! I'm also making myself a promise to meditate daily. Maybe with the semester dwindling down, I can keep this promise.


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