Liberation and Forgiveness

11:34 AM Posted by The Yoga Bella

I know it's not good to start off a blog by stealing content BUT I'm in love with the mind and spirit of Guru Singh. Yes, I know that sounds weird. (For those of you that don't know Singh, he is a great Kundalini Yoga teacher, hence the word "guru.") But I can always count on Singh's blog to have something inspirational and worth pondering for a day, a week or a more. So, I thought I'd repost it here with FULL credit to Guru Singh. Enjoy. (P.S. Aren't the pictures great?!)

Liberation and forgiveness are equal partners in the business of human beings being human.

These Inspirational Blessings are like mantras . . . reminders that cause us to think at a new angle . . . to shake up old patterns . . . to renew and rebuild our vision and purpose. We then gain insight to ignite and inspire an opening and a manifestation of our conscious focus through conscious action.


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