Movie: "What the Bleep?"

12:01 AM Posted by The Yoga Bella

Over the weekend, I saw the movie, "What the Bleep?" It was a great, thought-provoking movie that made me think about the relationship of religion and spirituality but also (and maybe more importantly) the relationship of our mind/thoughts to the world we live in. The movie probed the question of quantum physics which is how much does observation alter reality. It appears as though it a human being's observation changes reality. So, our thoughts really do create our existence. If so (like so many of us out there), I'm in trouble. I need to clean mine up. What about yours?

As if completely in rhythm, I saw this post on Guru Singh's site on Monday.

ince expectations are what you get, and desires are what you want . . . you already know your desires, get to know your expectations.

In the Quantum reality, observation is everything . . . observation and expectation are in effect siblings, or more like kissing cousins.

Get to know them now and create the sense of family.

So, I guess the burden is upon us to get to know our thoughts, desires and expectations because they have created our reality at the moment and our building our futures.


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